Atascadero Sunset

Atascadero Sunset
~ Another Rick Evans Photo ~


Well, looks like I'm WAY behind in my blogging! I hope to correct this problem!


Getting Close to Fall

We had a pretty mild Summer around here which didn't bother me a bit! We finally got some real heat over the past couple of weeks followed by a cool-down, but I'm excited about Fall weather. I had better start stocking-up on my firewood! Here's a shot of the fog rolling over the hills I took from school where I work (Friday the 16th).



We have some great cloud action going on with some lightning to the East. I finally saw ONE lighting bolt. Not spending enough time outside I guess. I was looking West, just before sunset when I snapped this photo.

Thunder & Lightning

Well, I guessed I slept through it all ..... and I LOVE that stuff! I did see a couple of flashes during the night but thought it was passing cars, but thought it odd that I didn't hear cars. Then I thought it was just my tired old eyes. I did wake at 6:05am and heard what I thought to be raindrops on our metal awning ..... I was right. Not enough to make Rocky-Dog get off the back lawn.

My mother was born and raised in Minnesota so she does NOT find lightning amusing at all but with me being a California Boy, I can't get enough of it. We just don't have those kind of storms enough around these here parts!

Someone please give a call next time ..... alright?


Port San Luis/Avila Beach CA

I took Savanah down to Avila Beach to visit her Grams and her little cousins. So I figured I would take a few photos.      It was a b-e-a-utiful day down there.

You asked for it!

Many folks , OK, at least ONE friend, said I should start a blog page. We'll see how this goes.